Jan 4, 2009

Acces Block website


Penyelesainya :-

Problem ni selalu jadik kat Opis. Pihak pengurusan dah block website favourite kita tu, cuba try website ni. Moga2 dengan ni anda boleh acces dan meneruskan kegiatan anda tu..

Works trough an encrypted connection (SSL)
- Support connections to secure websites (HTTPS Sites)
- Hides the real client IP providing an anonymous connection
- Support Cookies, support cookie editing, and custom cookie creation!
- Support Posting (Post, Get, & Query Post)
- Support of Uploads!
- We do not log URLs or other navigation information
- Support all kind of files (Html, Swf, Pdf, Zip, Rar, etc...)
- Clean Design: No ADS, Banners or surfing console, you will see as you are surfing the web directly

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